Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vegas Baby!

Our room is at the top of one of those buildings

Sandra, Jeff, Jaden and me at Nine Fine Irishmen

Mama Mia, Thats Me!
This weekend we went on our annual Vegas trip with our good friends Jeff and Sandra. We go every year in December and go to the National Finals Rodeo. We had alot of fun, although Vegas is very different when you are 7 months pregnant. Jaden was very strict on me, making sure I rested enough and got enough water. He was so sweet. We stayed at NYNY and had a GREAT room. We were on the 32nd floor and facing the strip. Our room was on the corner so we had windows not only in front but on the sides too. It was really beautiful.

I do have to talk about our flight home. It was like something out of a bad movie. First, we went to grab a bit to eat and while we were gone, the flight boarded early. We were some of the last ones on the plane. So much for A boarding group. We sat in the very back. Jaden was on the isle of a full row and I was right across from him on the isle of a row with a man in the window seat who took up a seat and a half. Then a few more people got on the plane (full plane) and a lady sat between us. She wasn't small. So I ended up leaning half into the isle. The lady next to me kept falling asleep and leaning over on to me. I though she was gonna lay her head on my shoulder. Then the plane took off under a wind advisory in Vegas. You ever thrown up in one of those bags? I have. It was so nasty. They wouldn't let us get up to go to the bathroom so I leaned into the isle and puked in to the bag. A few times. Then had to hold the puke bag for the remainder of the flight. Yeah, it was bad, for all involved. It is kinda funny, looking back.