Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big Girl

Mia is growing up so fast! I amazed every day at how smart she is! She LOVES to play outside and she LOVES Cowboy (our horse). He is her buddy. We filled up her baby pool but and put her in it, she was not too impressed. She is kind of a warm water snob. Her new favorite thing is to take your hand and lead you around the house where ever she wants to go. She is so cute when she starts to get sleepy, she becomes a little delirious. She runs around laughing and screaming. We have it on video and once I figure out how, I will upload it!

She talks all the time. It may not be words that anyone can understand but she is talking! She can say Mama, Dada, hot, and I did it. She can say please, eat, drink, more, and hot in sign language. She has many tricks. She shakes her booty all the time! Anytime music come on, that thing starts going. It is too cute. She knows where her tongue, ears, eyes, and nose are. She knows what a cow says. Just yesterday, Jaden taught her to rub her belly when you tell her to and put her hands on her ears when you say "ear muffs". Ok, enough bragging. Now, pics.

She is so happy when she is naked.

This was as far as she got in the pool

Little poser.

Chillin in her new chair and eating cheese