Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm Going There!

I normally try really hard to not go political on my blogs. But I just have to get this off my chest!

There has been a lot of talk about the Muslim mosque proposed by ground zero. The fact is they do have the RIGHT to build their mosque anywhere they want. Everybody is calling for sensitivity from the Muslims. I think we should throw a little sensitivity their way too. Many Muslim Americans lost friends and family members in the 911 attacks also. A friend of mine was mad that Obama said that they had the right to build it. She said "I just wish he would stick up for the American people sometimes." Are Muslims not Americans?

When asked if he ever considered not building the mosque there, the Muslim leader said, "no, it wasn't MY religion that did this". I agree. Many KKK members burned crosses in people's yards and did terrible things in the name of Jesus Christ. So then, can one assume that all Christians are racist? Heck no!

I'm not saying it is the best PR move to build there, but if the want to do it, they can. I wish we as Americans spent less time being against so much and so many and just started being "for" each other.

OK, there is my shpeel. :)