Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well, we finally decided to get a blogspot. I was begining to feel like a weird stalker because I love to look at other people's blogs but didn't have my own. But the main reason? We are PREGNANT! We are so happy and this is a fun way to share this exciting time in our lives. We are 13 weeks along and due in mid March. We don't have any pics to share yet because my belly isn't cute yet-I just look bloated. I have been pretty sick but I know that better times are just around the corner! (hopefully) We plan to find out what the baby is. We would love a boy (Jaden's family doesn't have any boys so the pressure is on) but really-we just want a healthy baby.

So, thanks for sharing this time with us! There will be more posts to come. Also, I'm not sure how all of you other bloggers have made your blogs so cute, but I am willing to take any tips.