Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm terrible

I'm terrible, I know. I haven't posted in forever! I have been so busy/tired. Mia grows up so much every day. She is so fun to be around now! I never get on the computer cause I'm always playing with her. Lets see... where to start. We went on our first road trip to my cousins wedding in Dallas. For as much as Mia hates the car, she did great! She was the cutest baby at the wedding. :) It was her first hotel stay. We took her swimming for the first time in the pool. She liked it. I think she kinda just thought it was a big bath. But it was very cute. She has a big open mouth smile that just make you want to squeeze her! She gives sweetest kisses. She loves to talk and she sings everytime we are in the car. She is taking her bottle like a champ (big weight off of my shoulders). She isn't sleeping through the night yet but we are working on it. We used to swaddle her for every nap and at night. She can now roll over so we quit swaddling her. That took some getting used to! But she really likes being able to sleep on her tummy now. We also used to bounce her to sleep for every nap then take her to bed. We are trying to stop that and let her put herself to sleep. We lay her down and let her cry for min (which seems like an eternity) then we go back in and put the binky back in her mouth. Then she usually falls right to sleep.

We are going to Dallas in September for the UFC fights. We have decided to leave Mia here with her Gran Gran and Pa Pa. I am very excited to have some "us" time, but also VERY anxious. We are flying down sat afternoon and flying back sun afternoon so we won't be gone very long. I really want her to be sleeping through the night by then. I just can't stand the thought of her waking up and not seeing mine or daddy's faces! She will be 6 months old so SURELY she will be sleeping all night!
I will try to be better about posting!

Going to the Wedding!

Mia loves her jumper! I love that smile!

Going swimming. How cute is her little bathing suit!

Our little lady

Callie loves Mia's toys too! (this one is for you, Missa)