Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beyond the ceiling

It is 10:00pm. So begins our all too often ritual of crying, screaming, pacing, bouncing, swaying, singing, rocking.... Nothing is pleasing this child, so I go to my fail-safe. The bathroom. I turn on the bath water and begin my patented bounce/sway motion. Mia begins to calm. I am holding her upright by my shoulder, the way she likes. She stops crying and leans back into my hand, her arms limp by her side. She stares at the ceiling. She is staring so intently. Her eyes don't move and for the first time in 45 mins, she is completely calm. What is she looking at? What is so interesting about the ceiling? Maybe it is the bright white color. Maybe it is the ugly popcorn. Or maybe, she is seeing something beyond the ceiling. Something that my eyes are to cynical, too worldly to see. Maybe she is seeing the angels that surround her. Maybe she is seeing her Jesus smiling down on her. Her blinks are getting longer and longer until she doesn't open her eyes again. Then she gives a sweet, half smile. As if to tell me and everyone else that I can't see, good night. With that smile all of my frustration, exhaustion, and self pity melts away. Lord, I pray that Mia will always have the innocence to see you. I pray that she will always be sensitive to your presence. I pray that she will be able to discern good spirits and that she will use all of your good gifts. Oh yeah, and I pray that she STAYS ASLEEP!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank heaven for best friends

What a difference a year makes!

I was thinking this weekend about what I was doing this time last year. I was in Dallas. I flew to Dallas for Jennie's baby shower. She was very pregnant. I was not even pregnant yet but was trying very hard to be! We had so much fun that weekend. We went shopping. We hung out and napped. We went to a Ranger's game and then after the game we watched Robert Earl Keen in the VIP section (nice to have friends with connections). I sat next to Kevin Millwood (Ranger pitcher)and even got my pic with him! I could have never imagined how different both of our lives would be in one year. I could have never imagined how consumed and in love we would be with our little girls! From now on, when we have weekends together, our girls will be playing too! I hope they will be best friends like we are. I don't know what I would have done without Jennie to talk to, vent to, brag to, cry with, and get advise from during this time. I am so thankful that God put her in my life. Love you, Jenn.

Me and Kevin Millwood

Jenn and me and the Ranger game

Isn't she cute!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby Wise?

We had a wonderful weekend and I had the BEST Mother's Day. Now that I am a mother- I love love love Mother's Day. It is just special. Daddy did good on my present! (pic below). Mia had her pcis made with her beautiful cousins and some of just her. She is too cute!

I read a book called Baby Wise. Anyone heard of it? It has some very good principals and we started Mia on a new schedule based on the book. It says to feed the baby but don't let them fall asleep right after eating. They have a wake time right after eating then it is nap time then repeat. She was happier the first day we did the schedule. I can already tell a big difference! I think maybe she wasn't getting enough sleep during the day and it was making her cranky. One thing that the book says to do (that I don't do yet) is to put the baby down to nap while still awake. This way they learn to fall asleep on their own. It says that it is normal for baby to cry for up to 20min before falling asleep. It says it will not hurt the baby to cry and in fact-babies need to cry some. I just can't do it! 20 min is a long time!I have heard that you shouldn't let a newborn "cry it out", but at what point are they not a newborn anymore? I know I ask alot of questions to the blogging public (and I really appreciate your input!) I just want to always be doing the best thing for Mia and for our family.

Did you let your babies cry?
For how long?
Mia and her beautiful cousins. Britlee and Brooklyn

She spit up on her dress right before the pic. LOL

We just think she is so beautiful!

Mother's day present. The stone is Mia's birth stone

Mia's Kentucky Derby party outfit. Floppy hat and all!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I got tagged by Sarah to write 7 things about me that no one knows and then tag 5 other people to do the same. Thanks Sarah!

1. I'm a cowgirl. Yes that is right, a cowgirl. Not by birth but by marriage. I fell for a very hot rodeo cowboy! We have a beautiful home on 2 acres (thank goodness for riding lawn mowers). We have a horse. I ride him and help feed him. I have even been know to show up at work with hay in my hair. oops!

2. I LOVE my cat. Probably too much. She was abandon as a kitten and was the runt so she was very small (still is). I had to bottle feed her for 3 weeks. She thinks I am her mommy and I am! She lays on me like a baby. It is so sweet. I have enough love in my heart for both my babies.

3.I'm not really that "wife-y". I try to be. I would love to keep a perfect home and cook big meals. I will go through spells where I figure out what I'm going to cook all week and go to the store to buy all the stuff. But most of the time Jaden and I end up standing in the kitchen about 6:30pm staring into the fridge trying to figure out what I can cook. Or, Jaden has to run to the store in the middle of me cooking because I am missing a key ingredient (which is not easy when you live in the country). Does anyone else have this problem?

4.I love to pick at things. Zits, hair, whatever! Gross I know! I long for Jaden to get a Zit or an ingrown hair so I can pick at it. Mia has a couple little white heads on her face and I have to hold myself back!

This is hard!

5. I watch some really embarrassing shows. Jaden works a month of days and a month of evenings. So, when he is on evenings (esp. before Mia) I got really board. I'm hooked on things like "The Hills" (OMG I can't believe Heidi married Spencer), "Real Housewives of New York/OC/Atlanta", Real World/Road Rules Challenges, "Dancing with the Stars", American Idol. The list goes on. Get a life? I know.

6. I like opposites. I just recently figured this out. My husband and I are opposites. He is very quiet (at least in a crowd) and I am, well....not. My best friend (Jenny) is also very quiet and reserved. What is funny is that she and Jaden are alot alike and me and Jordan (her hubby) are alot alike! Funny huh.

7. I have broken 2 bones in my body. A very small one, my nose. And the biggest one, my femur. I broke my femur when I was 7. My brother dared me to get on my grandmother's roof. I never back down from a dare. I had 2 surgeries. I was in traction for 6 weeks and a full body cast (arm pits to toes) for 3 months. The doctor said it was a miracle that I didn't walk with a limp!

OK, now I tag- Jordan, Melissa, Mandy, Elizabeth, Ashley B